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Nov 18

hellosheilove said: What is life?

Sep 18

Hey guys…

I love you. You should probably go ahead and start asking questions now.

Sep 18

Anonymous said: K, so I have about 10 watson 375's. It says its genaric for vicodin and contains coedine. The only problem is that it says its from 2002-2003. Safe to consume or water extract?

Most painkillers can chill for about a year before they start losing effectiveness. So, safe to consume, yes, as for how effective it will be, I’m not sure.

Aug 09

Anybody have any questions? About anything? Personal, or otherwise :)


Aug 08


Let’s be friends.

Aug 04

Anonymous said: Are you guys knowlagable about perscription pills? Mr thizz-or-die decides to not answer my questions

Vaguely…definitely not the expert, but we might be able to help you out. And go easy on thizz…hes got a lot on his plate. He really does care, I’m sure hes just a bit overloaded.

So any way, no promises, but shoot, and I’ll do my best :)

-Thizzney Princess

Aug 02
All hail your king!

All hail your king!

Aug 01

MDMA Therapy.

Aug 01

Anonymous said: So I got some white pumas with gold flecks in them. I trust my source, who gets them from another friend (and I know she wouldn't give me any that would have an adverse effect on me). However, you never know. I've been hearing conflicting reports about these pills - some are good, some are AWFUL - and most of the neg reports I've read were reported in between March and June. I was wondering if there's a chance that the bad batch has been cycled out by now?

There’s a higher chance of them being adulterated than not. The Pumas were a very confusing press. Last year they were the best, this year copy cats have been fucking people up.  The most recent report with the highest rating (always look for rating) says they are pure meth. All the reports claiming they’re good are untested. I wouldn’t trust it. I’m sure your friend didn’t mean to do you wrong, but safe yourself a bad time. Flush em.

And when you’re looking through reports, make sure you look for a good rating, reagent tested: yes, and read the comments.

Also, buy a test kit! :)

-Thizzney Princess

Aug 01

Anonymous said: Yellow bottles?

No. MDxx + Amphetamine. If you like shitty comedowns and inability to sleep, this could be alright for you, but I’d say no.

-Thizzney Prnicess